[PDF] Automotive Mechanics Principles and Practices By Joseph Heitner Book Free Download

PHYSICS WALLAH September 02, 2019

[PDF] Automotive Mechanics Principles and Practices By Joseph Heitner Book Free Download [PDF] Automotive Mechanics Principles and Practices By Joseph Heitner Book Free Download 

About book

Download Automotive Mechanics Principles and Practices By Joseph Heitner – The book is organized into eight teaching units every of that deals with an entire division of the auto. thanks to this feature every world organizationit may be coated with very little or no respect to the other unit so transmission un usual flexibility to the book. The units may be coated in any order in accordance with the requirements or interests of the cluster. though basic material is given major stress every unit includes nonobligatory topics for enrichment. The book will so be utilized in all sorts If olive coaching courses varied in scope length or the flexibility level of title students. A simplified description each} topic is given at the start of every chapter and so expanded  as readers comprehension grows till a complete mechanism is treated in every detail. to help in visualisation clear easy illustrations are elite. Schematic drawings area unit used where possible for instance the simplified parts of the text.

Automotive Mechanics may be a comprehensive book for undergrad students of engineering. The book contains chapters on automobile, power unit, bearings and lubrication, cooling system, electrical system and running system. additionally, the book consists of many easy illustrations and schematic diagrams to grasp the ideas higher. This book may be a must-have for mechanical engineers getting ready for competitive examinations like GATE and IES.

Book Contents

One: The Motor Vehicle: 1. History and Operation; Two: The Power Unit: 2. Principles of Engine Operation; 3. Engine Parts and their Functions; 4. Multiple-Cylinder Engines; 5. Engine Troubles and Repairs; Three Bearings and Lubrication: 6. Bearings and Lubrication; Four: The Fuel System: 7. Combustion and Engine Fuels; 8. The Carburetor; 9. Fuel-Feed, Intake and Exhaust Systems; Five: The Cooling System: 10. The Cooling System; Six: The Electrical System: 11. Fundamentals of Magnetism and electricity; 12. Battery, Starting and Generating Systems; 13. Ignition, Lighting and Electrical Instruments; Seven: The Power Train: 14. The Clutch; 15. Fundamentals of Gear Operation; 16. Manually Operated Selective Transmission Overdrive, Fluid Drive, Chryster Semi-automative; 17. Transmissions; 18. Hydra-Matic Transmissions; 19. Torque-Converter Transmissions; 20. Propeller Shafts, Final Drives and Differentials; Eights: The Running System: 21. Brakes, Wheels and Tires; 22. Frame, Suspensions and Steering Systems; Index.

 About Author

Joseph Heitner is an academic author and educationist.

 Book Details

Publisher: CBS
Language: English

ISBN-10: 8123908911
ISBN-13: 978-8123908915



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