JEE MAIN 2020 (APRIL): Best books for Preparation | Tips & Tricks

JEE MAIN 2020 (APRIL): Best books for Preparation | Tips & Tricks 

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JEE MAIN 2020: Best books for Preparation | Tips

I have been preparing material on new pattern IIT JEE 2020 exams and researched almost all the books available. Here are the list of materials:

  • Reference/Theory/Questions Separate Books:
    • Maths (Reference): None
    • Maths (Theory): NCERT
    • Maths (Questions): G Tewani Books and Comprehensive Mathematics By Tata McGraw Hill
    • Physics (Reference): Resnick, Halliday and Walker
    • Physics (Theory): HC Verma Volume-1 and Volume-2
    • Physics (Questions): DC Pandey (all 5 books) and BM Sharma Cengage Publication
    • Chemistry (Reference):
      • Physical: None
      • Inorganic: JD Lee
      • Organic: LG Wade
    • Chemistry (Theory): NCERT
    • Chemistry (Questions):
      • Physical: KS Verma
      • Inorganic: OP Tondon, KS Verma
      • Organic: KS Verma, RK Gupta
  • Must-Have Complementary Books:
    • 14 years Solved papers (2003–2016) or a newer version from Arihant Publications
    • 38 years topicwise chapter wise solved papers (Maths: Amit M Agarwal, Physics: DC Pandey, Chemistry: Ranjeet Shahi)
There are a lot of others good books also but above are the ones that you should finish first and revisit again and again to strengthen all the topics.
Other Good Books are:
Maths (easier side): RD Sharma, SK Goyal
Maths (tougher side): A Das, ML Khanna, Amit Agarwal
Physics (easier side): MCQs By D Mukherji
Physics (tougher side): IE Irodov, P Gnadig
Chemistry: Numerical Chemistry-P Bahadur, RC Mukerjee , Peter Sykes Organic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry34%
Inorganic Chemistry30%
Physical Chemistry36%
Electro Dynamics22.58%
Heat & Thermodynamics12.90%
Modern Physics18.55%
SHM & Waves6.45%
Differential Calculus15.20%
Integral Calculus16.94%
Matrix Determinants11.29%
Coordinate Geometry14.52%

Understanding Physics for JEE Main and Advanced, Mechanics Part1 and Part 2: Forgoing from the level of qualifying the JEE Main exam to the level of getting a good rank in JEE Main, the DC Pandey series of books might help you a lot. The books on Mechanics by DC Pandey are one of the best books for JEE Main mechanics.

Now you know the best books for JEE Main that can help you excel in the exam. Put them to good use and ace the JEE Main. All the best!

JEE Main Important Chapters For PHYSICS

Input RequiredHigh WeightageLow Weightage
Low InputHeat & ThermodynamicsHeat Transfer

Ray OpticsFluids

Electromagnetic WavesNuclear Physics & X-Rays

SemiconductorsWork, Energy & Power

Error & Instrument AnalysisUnits & Measurements

GravitationDual Nature of Matter & Radiation

Wave Optics

Photoelectric Effect


High InputElectromagnetic Induction & Alternating CurrentCircular Motion

RotationCenter of Mass & Collisions

KinematicsCommunication Systems

ElectrostaticsLaws of Motion

Current Electricity & Capacitors

Properties of Matter

Magnetic Effects of Current & Magnetism

Bohr’s Atomic Model


JEE Main Important Chapters For Chemistry

Input RequiredHigh WeightageLow Weightage
Low InputAtomic StructureChemical Equilibrium

Gaseous & Liquid StateRedox & Volumetric Analysis


Chemical KineticsMetallurgy

Nuclear & Surface ChemistryQualitative Analysis

Chemical BondingHydrocarbons

d-Block Elements

Co-ordination Compound

Alkyl Halides

Aromatic Compounds
High InputThermodynamicsMole Concept

p-Block ElementsIonic Equilibrium

General Organic ChemistrySolid State

Isomerisms-Block Elements

Aldehydes and KetonesPeriodic Classification

Carboxylic Acids & Its DerivativesClassification & Nomenclature

Alcohol & Ether

Nitrogen Compounds & Aliphatic Amines

Biomolecules & Polymers

JEE Main Important Chapters For Mathematics

Input RequiredHigh WeightageLow Weightage
Low Input3 Dimensional GeometryDifferential Equation


Determinant & MatricesTrigonometric Equation

Sequence & SeriesStatistics

Straight LineMathematical Logic

CircleSet & Relation

Probability Distribution (Binomial + Mean & Variance)Height & Distance
High InputDefinite Integral & Area Under the CurveTrigonometric Ratio & Functions

Limits, Continuity & DifferentiabilityProperties of Triangle

FunctionsPermutation & Combination

Application of DerivativesIndefinite Integral

Conic Sections

Complex Number

Quadratic Equation

Binomial Theorem & M. I.


This website is created solely for Jee aspirants to download pdf, eBooks, study materials for free. PHYSICS WALLAH is trying to help the students who cannot afford buying books is our aim. If you think the materials are useful kindly buy these legally from publishers
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